Who is the 'garden planning' consultation for?

This design consultation is for anyone who would love to get the very best out of their garden and who dreams of a beautiful outside space that reflects their personality and compliments their home but who really needs some professional guidance and inspiration to make their hopes a reality.

How will a garden planning consultation help me?

  • It's really important to spend time planning a garden so you can get the very best out of the space you have.

  • This 1 hour in depth consultation is a chance to do just that. We will listen as you bounce your thoughts, ideas and garden aspirations off of us so we can get a really good idea of what it is you want from your garden and then help you form a proper plan to make that happen with recommendations and suggestions along the way.

  • If you really don't know what you want or what is achievable we can suggest all kinds of  ideas based on our knowledge and experience. Its an exciting thing to plan a garden and its what we love to do.

  • We will run through some concepts together, pick a theme that compliments you and your home, go through the best planting schemes and colours for your garden and soil type, consider hard landscaping, soft landscaping and any garden features you may want to add and jot them all down together into a list.

  • Within that hour an Urban Oasis design brief will have been formed.

  • Once we 've got back to the office  a design brief will be drafted up and email over to you for  signing off


The aim of this sessions is for you to be clear in your ideas and be excited about the future of your garden. Hopefully we will have planted a seed that helps you fall in love with your garden and the very special relationship you will build with it as time goes on.

''The love of gardening is a seed

once sown that never dies''

~Gertrude Jekyll~

What happens next?

The actual planning session is just the beginning.

The next is to draw up an official plan with plant lists, measurements, hand drawn design and pice estimate. For this you will need our design service.

All the notes and ideas we went over with you in the initial planning session, plus full measurements of any hard or soft landscaping design such as pathways, fences or lawn, decking or patios will be used to turn into a proper garden design plan.

The design plan will include;

1 x artist drawn garden design in full colour

1 x mood board

1 x full plant list for your planting scheme

An estimated price breakdown of materials and labour for the entirety of the design , section by section.

All documents ncluding overall design, plant lists and price lists emailed over to you for  approval

Unlimited email feedback and support on your design until you are completely happy with the final plans.

The price for the design package is £120, payable in advance.

Please note: The cost of the design package will be deducted from your final invoice.

Once you are completely happy and ready to invest in your dream garden makeover then Project Green Thumb will happily finalise all the details, schedule a work start date, begin to order in all plants and materials needed for the job and be ready to make  your garden dreams come true.

Sound good? Start with a FREE consultation

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I didn't have time to tackle my own garden so turned to Project Green Thumb for help.From start to finish they were a delight to work with and did an amazing job at transforming my garden. I am so pleased with the results

~ Rowan E14 ~


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