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Maintenance starts at just £50

for 2 hour session

Marvellous Maintenance

  • This is the perfect service for someone who either has a well established garden and needs to keep it in check or who is looking to improve their garden over time with regular maintenance

  • Project Green Thumb offers a bespoke garden maintenance plan that is completely unique to your garden and its needs

  • With a vast array of different tools and knowhow Project Green Thumb will get your garden in tip top shape over the weeks and months.

  • Once we have met you and discussed your requirements we will put together the best plan of action and recommend how frequently you will need a visit.

  • You can choose between weekly, bi - weekly or monthly garden maintenance.

  • FREE initial visit and consultation



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I hour consultation and planning


Gorgeous Gardens


  • If you dream of a beautiful outdoor oasis but don't have any idea how to create it then our consultation and planning service is the perfect solution.

  • We offer a tailor made session bringing together all your hopes and desires in to a garden plan you will love.

  • In the session we will listen to your ideas and thoughts, run through some concepts, pick a theme, choose the best planting schemes and colours, consider hard landscaping, soft landscaping and any garden features then draw them all in to a plan.

  • This is a really in depth and fun way to get the garden of your dreams.

  • Read more about our 'Gorgeous Garden'  planning session >>>


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Hedge trimming starts at £50 for a 2 hr session

Happy Hedges


Option 1

  • Our professional hedge maintenance service is available for all hedge types whether it be privet hedges, box hedges, beech, yew, laurel or otherwise

  • We have the right tools and experience to .get your hedge in perfect shape with just 3 or 4 trims a year, depending on hedge type

  • We will also recommend a feeding and annual maintenance guide.

  • FREE initial visit


Option 2

  • If you are looking to plant a hedge our Happy Hedge service includes  a consultation to recommend the best choice of  plant for your garden,  sourcing the healthiest and most affordable plants, arranging order and delivery and then planting them in.

  • FREE initial visit



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Price on Estimate

Decking Designs


  • We offer a complete design and installation decking service in either traditional wood or composite.. 

  • We''ll help guide you through the options, designs and prices depending on your budget.

  • Decking maintenance and repair is also available whether it is just to replace a few rotten boards or to smarten it up with an annual jet wash or decking stain protection.

  • Book a visit to discuss your decking needs

  • FREE initial visit



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Luscious Lawns

Option 1

  • If you want to create a natural, healthy lush green lawn then you need our turf laying service

  • We will measure up, source, cost and quote you for the very best quality turf at the most affordable price.

  • If you are happy with our extremely competitive price we then order, arrange delivery and lay your new turf for you and recommend the best aftercare for a happy, healthy, luscious lawn.

  • Its that simple,  plus a real lawn is a wonderful asset to your garden. It's also much kinder to the environment, children, pets and  wildlife. 

  • FREE initial visit

Option 2

  • If you already have a lawn but need help keeping it lush then you need our bespoke lawn maintenance programme?

  • April to November is the main growing season where aerating, raking, cutting, feeding and weeding are all part of a regular maintenance programme plus there is sometimes a bit of emergency care that's needed to fill the gaps or deal with problems.

  • Book this service and we'll have your lawn looking healthier in just a few visits

  • FREE initial visit



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Perfect Paving

  • We offer a complete design and installation process for patios, terraces and pathways.

  • With an initial visit to your garden we will help guide you through the options, designs and prices depending on your budget 

  • If you are happy with the final suggestions we will go ahead and source, cost and estimate the very best quality paving at the most affordable price then order, arrange delivery and lay your new patio, terrace or pathway.

  • FREE initial visit



Price on Estimate


Price on estimate

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Price on estimate

Fabulous Fences

  • We offer a complete design and installation fence service.

  • Whether it's a few boards that need replacing from extreme weather damage or you need your whole garden fence replacing we''ll help guide you through the options, designs and prices depending on your budget.

  • Fence painting is also available on request.

  • FREE initial visit


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Pressure wash service starts at £50 for a 2 hour session

Perfect Pressure-wash

Just need a jet wash? Our perfect pressure wash service is what you need. 

  • We have two types of pressure wash machines, one for more delicate surfaces or our super turbo machine for those really tough stains and years of grime build up.

  • We can jet wash driveways, decking, patios, pathways, brick walls, fences, outdoor furniture, etc

  • We don't use any chemicals at all, just high pressure water so its completely safe for pets, kids and the environment.

  • The results are often amazing and it always comes up looking like new.

  • FREE initial visit

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One to One

Garden coaching

£50 for a 2 hour session

Garden Coaching 

This service is perfect for anyone who loves the idea of tending their own garden but who doesn't have much experience or knowledge of this fabulous hobby. 

  • In this one to one session we will initially establish what it is you want out of your garden whether that be a beautiful flower garden, a herb garden or a produce garden,  perhaps a bit of everything, and design a one off lesson or series of lesson plans around creating and maintaining your outdoor heaven.

  • With many years of experience in garden planning, design ideas, growing and harvesting herbs, flowers and veg,both for our own use and in a teaching capacity, Alison will guide you through all the tips and tricks you need to build your skills and knowledge of the plant kingdom to get the absolute best out of your urban garden.

  • Please feel free to call and chat to Alison or send an email about booking a 'one to one' garden coaching session


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