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5 things you can do NOW to get you and your garden Spring Ready.

It seems Spring came and went in the blink of an eye. Of course that's not true but those last two weeks of February were such a welcome and surprising ray of sunshine. Looking out the widow now at the drizzly and windy greyness it seems hard to believe it even happened and judging by all the early blooms the flowers are as confused and bewildered as me. Who else has got tulips blooming now when really they shouldn't be out until April?

How's this for a Clematis, thanks to the extra warm February sun

This photo from our garden doesn't give this dazzler any justice at all and the scale of it goes off the charts but if you are in need of a plant with rapid growth and immense coverage nothing beats the Armandii Clematis. The flowers also have a wonderful jasmine green tea scent too.

Well there is one thing I do know. Sunshine, then rain then more sunshine (please, please let it be so) means an explosion in the garden and time to don the gloves and polish the trowels. Its going to be a busy year in the garden, that's for sure.

So what can you do right now to get a good head start before all those weeds and straggly loose ends start bolting in front of your very eyes?

Here's a list of 5 helpful tips to get your green on in the month of March

1. Feed, Feed, Feed!

Anyone with box hedges or privet would do well to give their plants a sprinkling of food at this time of year. Many of our clients, ourselves included, were hit by the box hedge caterpillar last Summer so our normally emerald spheres and topiary took a bit of a beating and may not be quite as green and glorious as they once were. Show them some love and feed them some goodness. We recommend Buxus Feed as we find it always gives a nice little boost. Your hedges will thank you for it too!

All herbaceous borders could do with a generous top up of well rotted compost right now and roses are especially hungry for some black gold. ( meaning manure. WARNING: Make sure you only buy well matured and rotted manure as the fresh stuff is pretty lethal. Not least on the nasal passages but it's far too strong for plants and will literally burn the roots so don't think you can pop down to the local yard and pick up a few fresh piles of muck.

2. Weed, weed, weed!

Yes indeed when warm weather makes an appearance so do the weeds.

Don't fret though. At this time of year most weeds are very easy to pull up or hoe straight out of the ground so start pulling them up now and you will be able to keep well on top of things. What ever you do, don't let the weeds flower because before you know it they've gone to seed and voila, another 500 have emerged. That's how they get away with it all usually.

If you have any really tough weeds the best thing to do is just pour boiling water from the kettle on them. Problem solved. I'll share more next time on eco friendly, natural recipes to making your own weed killer but for now this should do.

3. Beat the Bugs.

Again, just as everything else is starting to emerge so are the bugs. Eurgh! Its a never ending story but if you can deal with the slugs and snails while the larvae is still developing you will be on to a winner. Check out this link on Pinterest for some great ideas about natural pest control. You shouldn't ever need to use chemicals if you have a few natural recipes up your sleeve. https://pin.it/evliefu7brpv4h

4. Get the Lush lawn look

Its officially. Whether its cultivating an established lawn or laying a brand new one the Green Grass calendar starts NOW. March is the perfect time to give your grass its first cut and feed or get your measuring stick out and jotting down the dimensions for your new dream lawn. Ordering in new turf now will ensure a well established, luscious lawn for those warmer months ahead and with any luck there will be enough light rain to water your newly laid turf the natural way rather than you having to spend a few hours a day giving it a soaking while the roots take hold.

Need some help ordering and laying your new lawn? Check out our services page and book a luscious lawn service: https://www.projectgreenthumb.co.uk/services

5. Plan Up.

If you are anything like me you have been dreaming about all the wonderful things you will do with your garden this year while sitting indoors flicking through gardening magazines or obsessing over Pinterest but the time has come to bring those dreams to life NOW. Because, if you don't start the ball rolling in Spring the next thing you know it will already be Summer, then Autumn and hey, that sun lounger you promised yourself, nestled in between the lavender and the peonies or the new raised garden bed you swore you would plant all your organic home grown veggies in will just have to wait until 2020.

Do you have Pinterest account? If not you should. Its a brilliant way to collect and store all your dreams and inspirations.

You can take a look at my one here and follow along if you like:


Well, that should be more than enough to get your green thumbs twitching.

Happy Gardening and if there is anything we can help you with just drop us a line.

Warm wishes, Alison

Project Green Thumb

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