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The Shadier side of Gardening

NO, I’m not going to dish the dirt on why I’m digging a 2 x 6m deep trench in my back garden. That’s for me to know and my husband to find out. (joking, joking!)

What I actually want to tell you is…

There are over 20 varieties of flower and vegetable plants that will grow in less than 4 hours of sunshine a day.

Huzzah! This is GREAT news for us British urban gardeners because, lets face it, we don't really get much Sun do we.

And there you were, thinking your dark and gloomy side return would only ever be that space you left your bike shed and bins in because you couldn’t think of anything else it was good for. Ha!

NO chance. That’s all about to change because down below is your go to shopping list of dazzling floral delights for SHADE. Yay!

Entire books have been written about plants that absolutely thrive in shade so if you are a plant book collecting fanatic like me, you’ll probably want to purchase 1 (or 5) but for a quick go to list of the many colourful flowering varieties that would light up any deep dark corner of the garden I’ll offer up my best, most reliable favourites.

Most of these plants are perennials, meaning they die back in the winter but will spring to life again in well, Spring. (and hopefully for many more years to come)

So here we are in no particular order:

Begonias, Lobelias, Cyclamen, Primroses, Astilbes, Peonies, Anemone's, Bleeding Heart, Fuchsias, Ferns (of all kinds), Foxgloves, Hydrangeas, Astrantia's, Heuchera's, Brunnera, Hosta's, Acers, Fatsias, Mahonia's and more. There are even some rose varieties that will grow in shade.

Here are some images below. Aren't they fabulous?

Now, if you are a complete novice gardener or have limited plant knowledge these names will have absolutely no meaning to you at all and that's fine. I have you covered! You can either google their names for all the info you need or even better, you can check out my Pinterest board for my favorite collection of shade loving plants.

Click the link and all will be revealed as you see by beautiful collection of images. You'll also be able to get familiar with when to expect flowers from them, when’s the best time to plant them in and how to care for them. In turn this will give you everything you need to know to transform your dark and dingy space with beautiful shade tolerant plants.


And there you have it, shade loving flowers sorted. You are most welcome

So, do you want to know what veg you can grow too?

Here is a wonderful chart of all the varieties which grow in less than 4 hours of sunlight a day. How amazing is that?

And there you have it, a whole new world of lush green gorgeousness has just opened up for you. Enjoy.

And if you need more help please do get in touch via email


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Peas and Love,

Alison ( Lady Green Thumb)

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