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Urban garden trends for 2022

Updated: Feb 22

I don't know about you but January always gets my Green Thumbs twitching. Its the prospect of a whole new gardening year ahead with new designs, new concepts and new plants to play with.

As much as I love all things Christmas, especially having an excuse to haul half of what's still growing in the garden through the back door for arranging into winter bouquets and table adornments, I'm also equally glad to wave it all back out on to the compost heap at the end of the festive season. and start plotting the garden for the following season.

The prospect of a warm Spring sun cant come quick enough in our house but there's still a torturous stretch ahead when you know you've got to see through the dreaded January and February garden blues first.

Prevention being better than cure I tend to arm myself with the following each New Year and it tends to see me through. First, gardening magazines, lots of them, and any number of begged or borrowed gardening books I can get my grubby little hands on from green fingered friends and family. And seed catalogues. Aaaahhh. Just the thought of clicking that 'purchase' button on the next little pack of magic seems to calm my racing heart.

I also love trawling through endless pictures of gorgeous flower planting schemes and ideas on Pinterest or IG and it seems to soothe the mind, not to mention inspire any current garden design I'm working on at the time. ( You can have a nosey at my personal faves and saved finds if you follow our Pinterest and IG accounts btw ;0)



What I've noticed thus far is that 2022 is going big on the 'Outdoor Room! What I mean by that is we now see our gardens as an extension of our homes, not just an afterthought. Its probably got something to do with being in Lockdown for so long and working from the kitchen table but finally people are realizing that their garden is an untapped territory that could potentially be their most favourite room in the house.

Its about functionality, sustainability and beauty all rolled in to one. And now, while its still a bit dull and uninspiring out there its the PERFECT time to get inspired and plan ahead.

If the prospect of a brand new garden design is on the to do list for 2022 then let us know. We'd love to help!

Happy 2022 garden Dreams to you all

Alison x

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