Bare footed on a lazy summer’s afternoon, pottering around your plants, bees gently humming over a sweet – warm lavender breeze, you sipping on a freshly brewed herbal tea from your own garden?

Aaahhh. Bliss!

But… its just a dream… and actually making that happen seems a little intimidating, if not downright daunting.


Am I right?

Not to worry. Help is at hand.

At Project Green Thumb we know just how much it would mean for those garden dreams to become reality so to help you reach those goals and give you some ‘easy to execute’ action steps we’ve designed this simple guide to help make those garden dreams come true.


Just leave your email below and we'll send you our very own 12 page PDF guide to creating your very own garden Oasis.

This specially created guide includes everything from;

  • Concept ideas

  • Themes

  • Drawing simple designs

  • Colour themes

  • Plant themes

  • best plants for a small urban garden

  • How to budget

  • And more


And its completely free because...well, why not. We just want to spread some love and some simple ideas to get the very best out of your garden, not just for you but for Nature too!

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